Odell Beckham says he has never been more ready for a season after skipping OTAs

If Odell Beckham has a huge season in 2017, don’t be surprised if every star player in the NFL starts skipping voluntary offseason workouts. The Giants wide receiver, who skipped out on the team’s OTA sessions this year, doesn’t seem to think the missed workouts are going to have any negative affect on the way he plays in 2017. 

As a matter of fact, Beckham said he’s actually more prepared for the 2017 season than he was for any of his first three seasons in the NFL when he did attend New York’s OTAs.  

“I think this might be the most [I’ve been ready] in my lifetime,” Beckham said, via ESPN.com. “In every which way, I just feel it there. … I’ve really been training, and to have these next six weeks to get another opportunity to train, it’s going to be great.”


Odell Beckham is ready for the 2017 season to start.  USATSI

Instead of working out with the Giants, Beckham spent six weeks training in Los Angeles, and he doesn’t seem to regret that decision at all. “Mentally, physically, spiritually, everything. I don’t think I’ve been as ready as I am now,” Beckham said.