2018 NBA playoffs bracket: Path to the NBA Finals for all 16 postseason teams

The first weekend of the NBA playoffs is done, and there was plenty of drama to go around. If it wasn’t the Warriors looking like their old selves against the Spurs, it was the Cavs getting blown out at home by the Pacers. And then there was the wild ending between the Rockets and Wolves. After the first game of every series, we still don’t know who’s going to advance.

The matchups are set, and they are glorious. We’ve got a stacked Western Conference, where the Rockets have to face a team with two All-Stars in Round 1 despite being the No. 1 seed. And over in the East, the team everyone is expecting to win is the No. 4 seed Cavaliers, but the No. 1 seed Raptors are looking to prove they’re a legit contender.

Here’s a look at the full playoff bracket, with an NBA Jam theme for the vintage video game crowd:


Igor Mello/CBS Sports

To recap those matchups — and click for full previews:

NBA Western Conference Playoff Bracket

1. Rockets vs. 8. Timberwolves

4. Thunder vs. 5. Jazz

3. Blazers vs. 6. Pelicans

2. Warriors vs. 7. Spurs

NBA Eastern Conference Playoff Bracket

1. Raptors vs. 8. Wizards

4. Cavaliers vs. 5. Pacers

3. 76ers vs. 6. Heat

2. Celtics vs. 7. Bucks

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