Paul Millsap ruled out for the next 3 games, which puts the Hawks in a tough spot

The Atlanta Hawks are in the midst of a miserable late-season stretch, as they’ve lost seven games in a row, and have gone from being right on the Toronto Raptors’ tail for fourth place in the Eastern Conference to being in danger of slipping all the way down eighth in the span of a few weeks. 

And Monday, they got some more bad news. Their All-Star forward, Paul Millsap, who has missed the last five games with knee tightness, will be out at least three more games. More, courtesy of the Hawks’ press release:

After visiting Dr. James Andrews of the Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center in Pensacola, Florida and conferring with Dr. Kyle Hammond and Dr. Kenneth Mautner of the Emory Orthopaedics & Spine Center, Atlanta Hawks forward Paul Millsap has been diagnosed with left knee synovitis and has undergone a non-surgical procedure at Emory. He will be listed as out for the next three games and his status will be updated as appropriate.

Oof. It’s usually not a great sign when a guy sits out for a bunch of games and then gets diagnosed with an actual issue. The good news, is that synovitis is basically just inflammation, so hopefully it doesn’t linger past the three games Millsap is scheduled to sit.

According to the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, “synovitis is an inflammation of the joint lining, called synovium. The symptoms are often of short duration and may change location although when caused by overuse tend to remain in one joint.”

As it is, the Hawks are really in a tough spot here without Millsap for another three games. They’re 0-8 this year without Millsap, and at 37-36, are tied with the Indiana Pacers and Milwaukee Bucks for fifth. In addition, they’re just two games up on the Miami Heat, who are in eighth. 

They really can’t afford to run their record without Millsap to 0-11 this season. 


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