Rasheed Wallace on former teammate Zach Randolph: I know ‘he ain’t no dope dealer’

For just over two seasons in the early 2000s, Rasheed Wallace and Zach Randolph were teammates with the Portland Trail Blazers

Wallace’s former teammate was arrested last week in Los Angeles, and is facing felony charges for “intent to sell” marijuana. Should Randolph be convicted of those charges, he could face an NBA ban. In the aftermath, the veteran forward’s agent issued a statement saying the charges are “false and misleading.” 

Wallace is coming to Randolph’s defense. “Sheed” agrees with Z-Bo, telling TMZ in an interview, “I know for a fact, he ain’t no dope dealer.” He then offered a message of support to Randolph, telling him, “keep your head up. Wait for the season to come around, play strong, be up.”

Earlier this offseason, Randolph signed a two-year, $24 million deal with the Sacramento Kings as part of the team’s busy summer, which included adding George Hill and Vince Carter


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