SportsLine MLB playoff odds, projections: Dodgers, Astros have best World Series shot

On Wednesday, the New York Yankees earned their way into the American League Championship Series. As such, we now know who three of the four LCS competitors are — we’ll learn the identity of the fourth soon enough, with the Chicago Cubs and Washington Nationals set to play a decisive Game 5 on Thursday night.

Here is the updated postseason bracket:


The current MLB postseason bracket.
CBS Sports

Now, let’s look at some updated updated playoff odds from our friends at SportsLine  (@SportsLine on Twitter). Here’s what the projection system is telling us now:

Houston Astros (101-61) 54.39% 24.76%
New York Yankees (91-71) 45.62% 20.27%
Cleveland Indians (102-60) 😢 😢
Los Angeles Dodgers (104-58) 62.62% 36.05%
Washington Nationals (97-65) 20.47% 10.63%
Chicago Cubs (92-70) 16.92% 8.29%

Just to be clear, these are the projected odds to win each round. In other words, the current projected World Series has the Astros clashing with the Dodgers, who are expected to win the whole thing.

It’s worth noting the Nationals are favored in Thursday night’s game. Blame it on home-field advantage, but it’s there. We’ll see if SportsLine gets it right — and we’ll check back in tomorrow to see how the odds change with the Game 5 result.

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